Events Photography

Women Appreciation Dinner Event by Shawn Ha

Celebrating women is a never-ending affair. We had the pleasure of joining the year end celebration with a wonderful dinner hosted by Janine Stein.

HealthTech Investor & CEO Summit 2018 Events by Shawn Ha

The HealthTech Summit is THE event, where Asia’s most prominent HealthTech entrepreneurs meet with over 200 healthcare influencers to debate and work together to facilitate HealthTech innovation’s role in shaping Asia’s healthcare future landscape.

What a wonderful experience covering the event for the entire 2 days!

Blockchain Pioneers Summit 2018 Event by Shawn Ha

Ever wondering where blockchain technology is heading towards? Be it you are an investor, regulator or a blockchain engineer - this amazing, power-packed blockchain summit covered it all! Congratulations Blockchain Pangea on putting together a superb line-up of speakers, VIP partners and thought leaders to share all perspectives on this transformational technology. Blockchain is here to stay!

Harmony In Perspective: Yukata Wearing Event by Shawn Ha

Yukata is a light cotton kimono worn in summer. Donning a colourful kimono (complete with robe, obi, bag, socks, shoes and shawl) is such a wonderful experience to both ladies and gentlemen, especially when your outfit is handpicked and put together by styling experts. Simply come on down to Paragon Shopping Center Orchard Main Atrium Level 1 to immerse yourself on this special occasion. 

National School Games Softball Practice Event by Shawn Ha

Bearing the scorching sun, athletes from various junior colleges enthusiastically took part in the National School Games (NSG) Softball Practice Event at the Padang Singapore. 

The NSG is the largest annual inter-school competition in Singapore organised by schools for schools. The NSG offers more than 400 championship titles, for more than 55,000 student athletes across all schools (primary, secondary, junior college and centralized institution) in Singapore.

The evergreen field located right in front of the Singapore Cricket Club has seen many batches of successful sportsmen and sportswomen coming together and enjoy an active Saturday afternoon.  

Below are some of the interesting moments captured during the event.