Hey, it's Shawn here. Congratulations on visiting Shawn Ha Photography!

If you can say "YES" to any of these statements...

....I believe we’re the PERFECT choice for you.


  • You want to promote your event and build brand awareness (with your own marketing campaigns & high-resolution photos ready for press release)


  • You want to capture the buzz and happenings at your event (with no scenarios overlooked)


  • You want to keep your audience engaged and make them feel happy about their 5-star experiences (and want to come back!)


  • You want to preserve your once-in-a-lifetime moments of your proposal (highly customised to your situation and planning)


  • You want to simply relax knowing you are in good hands to capture the heart and soul of your engagement day


  • You want to work with someone who understands your exact requirements and treat your special day as his own


  • You want to work with someone reliable who is available around-the-clock to solve any issues for you (while you focus on your business & your daily life)


  • You want to discuss the potential collaboration 100% risk-free (without committing to any payment upfront)


Of course, I understand working with someone for the first time may feel scarier than ever before. 


Because in this day and age....

  1. Misinformation is EVERYWHERE (people buy followers/likes, people use others' photos as their own, etc)

  2. People want INSTANT gratification (rather than getting their hands dirty)

  3. As a results, work ethics and long-term partnership may lose its VALUE (short-term gain is preferred over work ethics)

It's NOTHING like the good old days. 

Yes, it’s me working in the studio :)

So the question is,

" How do you find the right person to trust to deliver your corporate event or your engagement day? " 

Well, I believe I have the answer...


How do I know?


Because I've delivered many POSITIVE EXPERIENCES to real people just like you. 

Here are some of them sharing their pleasant experience

Thumbs up for the great job and your efforts Shawn! The pictures are amazing.
— CJ Yong. Event Manager. ContentAsia TV.
You’re fantastic.
— Adam W. Award-winning Fashion Icon.
Many thanks Shawn. Really appreciate you doing this so late.
— Gregory H. Vice President. Turner Broadcasting System.
“ Really thanks for your photos and great job. “
— Eric L. Project Manager. Hunan TV.

So what's the secret? How did I gain the trust of my clients?

Well, I can tell you from experience..


Choosing the right partnership in this day and age is NOT about seeing if he/she has more followers than everyone else...


It’s NOT about having more budgets than everyone else…


It’s NOT about having better technical skills than everyone else... (although that's important)



If you want to choose the right partner to help deliver your event successfully or captivate the precious moments in your engagement, it all comes down to these elements

  • You want him/her to have your best interest at heart

Meaning he/she must be genuine and have the moral obligation to treat your occasion as his own

  • You want him/her to understand your requirements exactly

Meaning he/she must take the time to understand your situation to craft and recommend the best direction to your unique circumstances

  • You want him/her to be available when you need help

Meaning he/she must be around (even after the project is delivered) to help you solve any issues you may possibly encounter

So whom is my service suitable for? If you like to work with someone with these 3 qualities, then this is for you!

Hint: Skip to 00:12 to see the 5 reasons why we might be perfect for you

Wow! Many thanks! I really like them!
— Helene C. Chief Operating Officer. Galen Growth Asia.
Thanks for the photos, the team really liked them
— Dee G. Customer Success Manager. Trend Watching Asia.

If you get in touch with me now, you will also receive

  1. FREE session of consultation to get around your vision and idea (100% risk-free, no payments involved)

  2. FREE custom quote based on your unique requirements

  3. FREE recommendation on the best execution for your corporate event or your engagement day (even if you may decide not to work with me)

Of course, you could sit right where you are and spend HOURS googling around the internet, read EVERY reviews of photographers around Singapore, compare packages with NO GUARANTEE to find the cheapest services available. 




You can take the short cut. 

You can chat with me.

If you want to promote your event and raise brand awareness or you simply want to preserve your special life moments, then I'll see you soon!


Founder & Chief Photographer